Important information

Conference venue:
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Warsaw University of Technology
Nowowiejska 15/19, Warsaw
(a map is here)

Visa information:
Citizens of many countries are not required to be in possession of a visa when entering Poland for less than 90 days. The list of the visa-free countries is here.

At the end of September average temperatures in Warsaw are about +10°C. If you are lucky it can be even over +20°C during daytime, but in the worst case it can be around zero. Evenings and mornings are usually chilly. It is recommended to check the weather forecast just a few days before the arrival, e.g. at Within a period of 10 days these forecasts are quite accurate.

Important phone numbers:
emergency (ER): 999
police: 997
taxi: we recommend 19191 or 6444444 or 6777777

Arriving info:

Renting a car is impractical due to heavy traffic during rush hours and problems with parking. If you arrive at the Warsaw Chopin Airport, take a taxi. But DO NOT take a “taxi” that would be offered by men cruising at the airport hall (unless you wish to pay 50$ or more). Just go to the taxi stop in front of the airport hall and look for a taxi which will have phone number 19191 or 6444444 or 6777777 advertized. The fare for a drive to the city center should be about 30-40 PLN (10-15$). It is usually possible to pay for the taxi with a credit card. Money exchange rates are much better at the hotels than at the airport.
If you prefer to get to your hotel by public transport, you can check here how to get there. In order to check connections select date and time, then:

type in the window A: Lotnisko Chopina terminal A(nowy)
type in the window B: address or name of your hotel
click “Search”.

If your destination is MDM Hotel the simplest route is by bus 188 to the stop METRO POLITECHNIKA and then walk about 600 meters.
In the case of Polonia Hotel or Novotel Centrum it is better to go from the airport by train to the station WARSZAWA SRODMIESCIE (check the train, because some of them stop at WARSZAWA CENTRALNA instead of WARSZAWA SRODMIESCIE, and in such a case you will have approx. 500 meters more to walk) and then to walk to the Polonia Hotel or to the Novotel Hotel.

Public transport:
A ticket cost is approx. $1.25 (there are a few different kinds of ticket you can use, but in most cases a 20-minute one will do). Buying a ticket from the driver may be difficult, as they rarely speak English and have no time for giving a change. Quite often there is a ticket vending machine inside the bus/tram/train, but some of them accept coins only. Preferably, buy a ticket before entering the vehicle. A ticket bought in a mobile ticket vending machine must be validated immediately after the transaction, in any other case immediately after entering the vehicle.
There is no extra fare for the luggage.

Conference help:
If you have any questions or need some help, please contact the CPPTA office: During the conference the following dedicated CPPTA help phone number will be also available:
+48 780022 333